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IF you want to feel...

At peace instead of in a panic

Hopeful instead of defeated.

Confident that you are living according to God's plan for you.

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Get clarity on how to amplify your impact as a leader & create more time for the things that matter most.

God has shown me a new way of living and leading, in partnership with Him. It has changed my life!

I am accomplishing MORE, in LESS time.  I have more energy for my family, and I am finding freedom from people-pleasing.  My days start with a sense of peace instead of panic, and I want that for you, too.

It is my MISSION to help you create more time and energy for the things that matter MOST! 

Are you ready to become fueled by grace and break free from people-pleasing?

Are you ready to discover the abundant life you were called to live?

I'm Tanya

multiply your time and impact

I'm ready!

hello friend!

be fueled by grace and free from people-pleasing

i know what it feels like to...

  • Feel completely exhausted and unfulfilled
  • Spend nearly every waking moment at work or thinking about work
  • Have no time or energy left for yourself or your family
  • Feel like the “to-do” list is never done
  • Want more time alone with God, more time to fit in healthy habits, and more energy to be present with my family
  • Feel stuck in patterns of people pleasing and perfectionism, to the point of burning out.

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Sister Friend,

Have more time and energy to give to my family, my team and myself!

God showed me a better way to live and lead! now I am able to...

Walk in a heart knowledge of who I am in Christ.

Focus on who God has called me to be instead of wasting time seeking validation from others.

but god...

i want that too!

if you are ready to have a partner on your journey toward god-centered living and leading...

Discover how to create a customized time management plan to enjoy better work-life balance while boosting productivity. 

christian life coaching

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i specialize in time management for
people-pleasing professionals

christian life coaching different?

what makes

We learn how to say "yes" to what matters, and "no" to what doesn't (in a grace-filled way), without the guilt.

We focus on transformational change that aligns with biblical truth.

We put God at the center, inviting the Holy Spirit to lead the process.

We learn how to seek and discern God's voice in our decision-making and goal setting.

unlike traditional life coaching...

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